First Impressions

They say first impressions are your only impressions. People fret a lot about making good first impressions, which makes sense. You’re almost permanently deciding what people think of you. First impressions apply to the internet, as well. Making this first post is a huge part of showing people who you are. WordPress suggests writing your first post along the lines of “who I am and why I’m here”, which sounds pretty good to me.


I’m Liz: sporadic storyteller, aspiring coder, and (hopefully) cool nerd. I love creating stuff, whether it’s drawings or stories or various little code projects. My time away from school pretty much revolves around coding, writing, and designing.

My fascination with code probably started when I was little. Really little. For my 8th birthday, my parents downloaded a gamemaking software onto the computer for me to use.  I wanted to make full-fledged 3D games with music and everything, but little me quickly learned that that was going to be hard. I stayed away from the code stuff, but I used the interface to make some pretty neat games for an eight-year-old. Sadly, it’s all gone forever, but it really wasn’t that impressive anyway.

I remember a few years ago in a computer class at school some kid next to me showed me how to change stuff on a webpage using Chrome’s devtools. I was incredibly impressed. Fast forward a year or so and now I was trying to figure out CSS by deleting portions of it and seeing what happened. I had no clue what I was doing, really, but I figured out some stuff. Eventually, I kind of gave up on learning to code because it was just too hard. Another year or so later, and I was back taking online courses in HTML and CSS and actually learning stuff. I wanted to learn everything I could about building websites and all the cool things you can do with them.

I’ve been interested in storytelling for a long time, as well. I have stories on my hard drive that I started in 4th grade, and probably earlier. They’re pretty bad though, so I tend to stay away from them. I participated in (and won) NaNoWriMo 2014 and this April’s camp. In April I discovered that I really like screenwriting, and I may start to focus my creative efforts in to telling stories that way.

I became super interested in graphic design when I stumbled across a bunch of edits that people made of celebrities. Little me thought that they were super cool, and I started making my own. I thought they were amazing, but you have to remember I was using a bunch of free apps on an ipod touch to just stack images on top of each other. Eventually, I discovered that my dad owned an old version of photoshop and of course I installed it and learned how to use it. I’m not as interested in design as much as coding, now, but I still love it.


I’ve wanted to have my own website for a while now, and now I have one. I want to have a space to show off all of the things that I create. What’s the point of creating cool stuff if you never get to show it to anybody? This blog is also kind of a place to collect all of my interests in one place and form my thoughts into something tangible. I’ll probably ramble on about events in my life, as well as post about projects that I’m working on or movies that I’ve seen. Pretty much whatever comes to mind.

If I keep this blog up for a year, I hope to have a collection of finished projects that I can show to people, like games and stuff. I plan to learn a lot about what I want to do with my life, and discover new things. Really, I just hope to have fun and make a space that’s my own.

So there we go! That’s a little intro on who I am and what I plan to do here. I hope that you enjoyed these words from a nerd, and I’ll (probably) see you next time!


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